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NEWS Symposium

The structure of the New Mexico Educated Workforce in STEM is not like that of San Francisco or Boston.  Our workforce often goes to graduate school out of state and finds jobs outside NM.  Over the years, federal agencies have given NM tens of millions of dollars in federal funding for training programs and in an effort to increase our competitiveness in business and research.  In recent meetings, it became clear that critical dots had not been connected to make it possible for NM business, startups, government labs, and others to meet the well-educated NM STEM workforce that is both in and out-of-state who want to return to NM for careers, family, and to help lead our state forward.

The NEWS Symposium was organized as an experiment, to introduce young, professional New Mexicans with advanced training in STEM to local entrepreneurs and employers with the goal of reversing our brain drain and improving the network connections between great opportunities in New Mexico and the qualified STEM professionals who want to be here.

Working with business, economic development, and other economic leaders in the state and through the NEWS Symposium, we will introduce New Mexico’s young STEM professionals to the vibrant, creative economy that is growing here. The Symposium will also facilitate job matching, sharing ideas and redeveloping connections to the local and state economy. 

NEWS professionals are unique in that many of them have advanced degrees, strong personal and professional networks around the US, and want to return to New Mexico.  With the dots now connected, it is our hope that NM will thrive by bringing back talented young professionals to help our state and our economy grow in a way that is sensitive to the wonderful cultures, traditions, and communities that we treasure.

The NEWS Symposium is supported by the UNM Initiatives to Maximize Student Development (IMSD) with help from the UNM Research Office and generous support of the NM Tech Council and our business community; National Labs; UNM STC; LAVU, INC; and the UNM Alumni Association.