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NEWS STEM Professional Data


Figure 1: Education level of the NEWS survey respondents – Over 90% of all respondents (n = 111) indicated that they hold one or more of the following STEM degrees: BS, MS, or PhD. 

Figure 2: Career interests – Respondents (n = 112) were asked to choose all interests that apply to them.  The majority indicated an interest in academia and technology/biotechnology, followed by starting their own business and post-doctoral opportunities.  Over 50 respondents are so interested in returning to New Mexico that they would consider ‘whatever works’ and would make use of their STEM education and skill set. 

Figure 3: Timing of availability – Almost 50% of all respondents (n = 107) are ready to make the move to New Mexico now or within the next year.  About 25% of all respondents indicated that they would be available to return to New Mexico within the next 2- 3 years. 

Figure 4: Sector of interest – When asked to check all that apply, the majority of respondents indicated (in percent, n = 105) that they were interested in employment opportunities in biotech/tech, national labs/government, and academia.  An additional 20% were interested in speaking with venture capitalists because they have one or more viable idea(s) for a startup company.